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International Projects in science

  AGIS leads and participates in many international projects. Also, AGIS actively strives for international cooperation to increase funds, improve innovation capacity and enhances international influence.

  AGIS has established joint international laboratories with International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Syngenta, and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujbur Rahman Agricultural University, respectively. International cooperation projects have been conducting with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rothamsted Research and Justus-Liebig-Universit?t Gie?en, respectively. In addition, AGIS has signed collaboration agreements and memorandum with several international research institutes, universities and companies, such as CSIRO, Murdoch University, Charles Sturt University, JIC, NIBIO, and Firmenich ect. to support scientists conducting collaborative research and to train high-level talents

  Together with scientists from 14 countries and 34 institutions, AGIS has led many international research frameworks and projects, such as “Upotato”, “Global Grain Genomics Research Program (G3RP)”, and “1000 Invasive Alien Species Genome Project (IAS1000)”, etc.