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Brief Introduction


Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen (AGIS) is a government-supported scientific research organization held byChinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS), and registered and opened in Shenzhen, active in fields of agricultural genomics, agricultural biology molecular breeding, agriculture and food metagenome, etc.

AGIS has over 500 scientific research staffs, including more than 30 high-level talents, who have published over 300 SCI papers in top international journals, such as Science , Nature , Cell , etc., and have established a disciplinary cluster with omics technology as the core technology. As the innovation model set by CAAS, AGIS has been managed by a governing board comprising of CAAS and Shenzhen Municipal Government, through which it has introduced fund of nearly 50 million CNY from various channels. Up till now, AGIS has established several innovation platforms, such as Shenzhen Branch, Guangdong Laboratory for Lingnan Modern Agriculture, Key Laboratory of Genome Analysis, Ministry of Agriculture, P. R. China, etc. and has received a number of honors and awards, such as National Natural Science Award of China (Second Prize), Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, Zhou Guang Zhao Foundation Award (Basic Sciences), China National Innovation Award, Outstanding Innovation Talent (one of 40 prominent individuals in innovation and entrepreneurship and outstanding role models at the 40th Anniversary of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, etc.

Since 2019, AGIS has received numbers of honors and awards, such as “2019 China’s Ten Breakthroughs in Life Science”, “2019 China’s Scientific Breakthrough in  Medical Science”, “2019 China’s Ten Breakthroughs in Agricultural Science”, etc. As the institute developing fastest in CAAS in 2019, AGIS has received numbers of NSFC supported programs, which ranks top 2 in all CAAS institutes in 2020.